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Martha Berry sends Mrs. Sherrill her sympathy, as Mr. Sherrill has passed away. She says that his visits to Berry were an inspiration.

Martha Berry writes that she is distressed at Mr. Allen's passing, and thanks Mrs. Allen for her and the late Mr. Allen's interest in Berry. Martha Berry suggests that an endowed day would be an appropriate way to perpetuate Mr. Allen's memory. She suggests a gradual payment if Mrs. Allen cannot pay at this time.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Clark for the letter of sympathy after the death of her mother. She also expresses her enjoyment after Mrs. Clark's recent visit and wishes she will visit the schools again.

Miss Berry sends the engraving company a sample appreciation card and requests 75 of them engraved with the message "The family of Mrs. Thomas Berry gratefully acknowledge your kind thought and expression of sympathy." She says the other cards will be returned under separate cover.

The Berry Schools express her sympathy on Mr. Randolph's death. She expresses gratitude for Mrs. Randolph's gift that was just received.

S. C. Dunkelburger, secretary to Reverend D. M. Stearns, writes to Miss Berry to expresses sympathy at the death of Miss Berry's mother. She also requests acknowledgement of the $100 gift to Miss Julia V. Loew of New York.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Kirk her sympathy in regards to the loss of Mr. Kirk. She says that he has been a wonderful friend, and provided an aid when Mr. Eagen went.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Hopkins to express her sympathy for Mrs. Emory's death. Miss Berry said she had intended to go to Cincinnati to visit her. Miss Berry hopes that she will find a friend for Berry in Miss Hopkins.

Miss Berry expresses her sympathies for Mrs. Wood's husband's death.

Alice B. Harden expresses sympathy for Miss Berry's mother's accident, explaining that she especially understands because her own mother had the same accident.

The authors express sympathy for Berry's loss, express admiration for Berry's work and send $3.


Martha Writes to Miss Colbert after learning of Miss Colbert's broken hip and writes in sympathy. She also talks about the school and how they are thinking and praying for her.

Martha Berry expresses her condolences on the death of the Meachams' son and her thanks for the clothing they sent to the school. She shares a story of a boy who benefitted from their donation.

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