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This letter is in response to a subscription from Ms. Berry in which Mr. Young committed to. In the letter is enclosed a donation to the school.

E. H. Hoge writes to Mr. Prescott, reminding him that the second installment of his subscription to the Endowment Fund will be due on January 1st.

The author reminds the recipient that they subscribed to pay $200 in installments, and that another $50 installment is due to be paid by July 1. He then thanks the donors for their support.

Letter to Martha Berry from Richard Sears informing her that he has not forgotten her in sending his subscription that year but informed her that he would probably send her a check at the end of the month. He also says that he enjoyed reading the pamphlet that she sent to him about the schools.

Miss Randolph sends a $75 check and notes that $25 is for usual subscription; the other $50 is a gift to help with rebuilding the dormitory.

J. H. Porter of the Rome Laundry Company encloses $100 to pay a "subscription in full."

M. Cameron informs Miss Berry that Mr. Rackham is away for his health and cannot make any subscriptions until he settles a matter with the Internal Revenue Department.

This is a letter from Ms. Pierrepont with a donation of $15.00 inside. Wish Berry and the school a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Mr. Cumming writes to Miss Berry from the Battey Machinery Co. sending $50, 1/4 of their subscription to the schools.

Letter from Asa G. Candler, Jr.'s secretary to Martha Berry paying $12,500 for Mr. Candler's third installment on his subscription to the Berry Schools.

Mr. Callaway sends the third installment of the $100 he is giving to the Berry Schools.

Letter to Martha Berry from A. C. Floyd informing her that when she canceled her subscription to Atlanta Journal that she had a balance left over. She is asked to mail in the money at her earliest convenience.

In this letter Mr. Heinz write Miss Berry to inform her that Mrs. Heinz has written her last check for $1,250, completing her subscription of $5,000.

The author reminds the recipient that he subscribed to donate $100 to the school, and that the next $25 installment is due to be paid soon. He then thanks the recipient for his kindness.

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