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The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Roblee to thank her on behalf of Miss Berry for the invitation, but explains that she would have stayed at the Hotel Statler with the other Forestry delegates anyway, had she been able to attend the meeting. She was prevented by a bronchial cold that keeps her from making any speaking engagements.

Miss Martha Berry has forgotten when she is to meet Mr. Penny, in Florida, and asks Miss Cora Neal for the date. She adds that she needs to make more speaking engagements in New York, but that she has one in March. A month after the Forestry Association Meeting she has promised to speak in St. Louis.

Mrs. Meyers asks if Miss Berry would be available to speak at the Women's Club of Princeton. The date is not set yet, but Mrs. Meyers could let her know within a few days.

Letter to Mr. Holt, a previous donor, requesting a donation at the present moment, due to the severe lack of funds. Berry mentions that she has had an attack of bronchitis that kept her from making speaking engagements to raise funds. The school is currently unable to pay teachers salaries.

Held in St. Louis, Missouri. Martha Berry one of three speakers at the banquet.

Ovid Butler writes to Martha while Mr. Pratt is out to acknowledge the January 12th letter and expresses joy at having Martha speak at the banquet in February. He notes that Mr. Pratt would like to visit Berry and Martha could arrange that with him at another time.

Miss Berry accepts Mr. Pratt's invitation to speak at the annual meeting of the Forestry Association in February. She explains how interested she and The Berry Schools are in forestry.

Martha Berry writes to Henry Ford to thank him for recent financial assistance and expresses her pleasure at having him, Mrs. Ford, and their friends at Berry.


Mr. Livingood responds to Miss Berry's letter, apologizing that they cannot continue Mrs. Emery's gifts. He says that does not mean he would not consider it his duty to visit Miss Berry and see how Mrs. Emery's gifts are developing.

Mr. Hoehler tells Martha Berry that Mr. Charles P. Taft has agreed to speak at the Berry Schools next year. Mr. Hoehler suggests to Martha Berry that it would be a good idea to invite Mrs. Taft, as well, because he thinks she could make significant donations to the Berry Schools. Additionally, Mr. Hoehler tells Martha Berry about a new highway from Cincinnati to Chattanooga which will make it easier for Martha Berry to "cultivate" benefactors in Cincinnati. Lastly, Mr. Hoehler asks Martha Berry to ask DeWitt Littleton to write him a proposal for laundry equipment needed which Mr. Hoehler will take up with his friend Taylor Stanley as a potential donor.

Smiley corresponds about arrangements for Berry to visit and speak at Wildmere House in New York. She reports on meeting a Berry graduate, Robert Guice, who preached nearby.

Margaret T. Corwin is following up after a letter one of her seniors, Betty Mayfield, sent to Martha asking her to come speak at the New Jersey College for Women during the second semester. She would like to second the invitation. She explains that they are doing a series on religious giving and are inviting people to come talk about their work. She suggests a few possible dates and states the stipend for guest speakers.

Emily Hammond writes to Martha Berry to tell her what they will do during her visit with Hammond at Mount Kisco.


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