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M. E. Seabrooke, secretary to Robert A. Franks, writes to Mr. Ochs, explaining that Mr. Franks will be out of town until April 1 and says that he has received his letter and will bring it to Mr. Franks' attention as soon as he returns.

Mrs. Mitchell responds to an appeal letter from Martha Berry which expresses her appreciation for the Mitchells' past gifts and appeals for a $150 scholarship. Mrs. Mitchell's secretary responds with a $5.00 donation and a request the the schools sign and return the receipt.

Dorothy Guess, secretary to Miss Lamont, encloses a check for $150 for the work of The Berry Schools.


Mr. Pierce encloses Mr. Z. Marshall Crane's check for the year 1926.

Letter was received by Mary Omu, the secretary, but Mrs. Ella L. Browning is out of the country until middle of April.

Pearl Cochrane writes to Berry on behalf of Mrs. S. P. Harbison. She is sending a one-hundred dollar donation to Berry.

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