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In this letter Martha Berry explains her convictions on donation policies, in hopes that Miriam Little Simons will adjust her method of donation accordingly.

Miss Rhodes says that she has added to the Winslow Memorial Fund in her will for a permanent scholarship at the Berry Schools. She also sends a $10.00 donation.

In this letter Jane Bossie is the secretary writing for Mrs. C. S. Petrasch. She encloses a check for one hundred and fifty dollars for a scholarship in memory of C.S.P.

Letter from Anna J. H. Pennybacker to Miss Martha Berry regarding the beneficiary of the Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker Scholarship.

In this letter Martha Berry discusses the scholarship at Chautauqua and Inez's inability to come.

Ms. Barnwell enclosed checks from the Nightingale-Bamford school to endow a scholarship for one boy and one girl.

This is a letter to Miss Berry from Rose Murger addressing the check she has enclosed for part of her scholarship at Berry. She also talks about the trip she had planed to visit the Berry School and also thanked Martha Berry for her great education.

Priscilla McDougall sends a donation to cover a scholarship for a boy or girl at Berry.

Mrs. Merrick sends a donation towards a scholarship.

Maude Strayer encloses a donation to the Berry schools from her school to contribute to the yearly scholarship she gives.

Margaret Hendric writes to Miss Berry explaining that this is the first time she has been able to give anything to the Schools and that she plans to send the rest of the money for the scholarship in October.

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