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The author is sending a feather fan to Mrs. Rivers and will follow up to see if it is possible to send her a quilt. Martha Berry is not often at the office and the author has not been able to get Berry to write an appeal letter.

Emma Hopkins writes to Martha Berry that in future quilts send to the north need to be longer since there are no foot-boards on beds.

Berry approves a letter Hammond has written to Lucille La Verne. Berry has written to Mr. Ely about speaking to the Town Hall Club and confirms a date for speaking at the Three Arts Club. She asks Hammond where a quilt she sent to be matched for pillow shams came from, as she likes to compare the work and prices of Berry products with those from other schools.


Emily Hammond says she'd prefer to have pillow shams made to match the two quilts Martha Berry has already sent.


Martha writes to apologize that the quilts were too short and says that if they are sent back they will be fixed correctly. She also writes about the weather and the crops at Berry.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Fairchild informing her that they can not complete her quilts due to the inadequacy of the sewing room and inexperience of the workers during the summer. Martha Berry appreciates her interest and will gladly fill any order about the middle of September.

The Berry Schools enclose samples of materials to see which Mrs. Cushing preferred so that they can make the two blue quilts she asked about at the sale in Thomasville, Georgia.

Miss Berry would like Miss Bray to return to Berry and continue to work in the Sewing Room. She tells her to go to the Browne Decorating Department to see if she can get new ideas about quilts and antiques.

Martha Berry requests that Mrs. Beatty let her know the price of Mrs. Beatty's spinning wheel and the price of her quilts.

Mrs. Earl Beatty says she has a spinning wheel and two old quilts she'd be willing to sell to Martha Berry.

Mrs. Weber writes to Martha with a check for quilts with the wild rose pattern. She also inquires about the cost of red and green old fashioned design quilts as she wishes to buy those as well.


This is a letter from the Berry School to Mrs. Weber pertaining to quilts. The school is happy that she is pleased with the quilt. As soon as the Sunshine Cottage reopens in the fall, she will be receiving a larger quilt upon her earlier request.

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