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Letter notes order was completed and shipped to Mrs Curtiss and a request to learn if Mrs. Rivers, Atlanta still wanted an earlier- ordered dogwood quilt and reply on reverse side from Mrs. Inman confirming order for the quilt.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Harvey telling her she is sending her the quilt that she ordered and that the business office will send a statement of charges. She warns Mrs. Harvey that the quilt took the girls a very long time and the work was difficult, so the charges will likely be more than they would be ordinarily.

Martha writes to Mrs. Harvey to let her know that the quilt has been received and will be returned soon as we can.

Mrs. Harney has an old quilt that she wants Berry to have lined and quilted to put in her shooting lodge. She says it was made by a country woman but that it puckers in several places. She asks that it be a light-weight quilt in the end.

Martha Berry requests that Mrs. Beatty let her know the price of Mrs. Beatty's spinning wheel and the price of her quilts.

This seems to be a receipt for a quilt to Mrs. Robert Sturgis for $25.00.

A letter from Amy Crace sending Martha Berry an alphabet quilt as well as one dollar.


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