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Mr. Alston includes a letter that he wrote to Mr. Goodwin explaining more about The Berry Schools and the publicity situation. He asks Miss Berry to read it over and call him on Monday.

Mr. Alston writes to Martha concerning how Berry can spin the publicity that the school has received from Mr. Ford's gift to the school. He insists that the benefactions should be minimized of course, and the point out that the buildings do not add anything to the income.

Martha Berry writes to Charles Adamson urging him to write a letter to the newspaper clearing up the Berry Schools' financial situation. She thinks the publicity about the Ford Buildings had convinced people that the school no longer needed funding.

Berry writes to thank Holt for the books sent at Christmas. She indicates that the school has received the "wrong kind of publicity" and expresses concern about the ability to raise money. Berry also expresses gratitude to Holt for looking after the orange groves.

Principal Green writes to inform Mr. Robison that it is impossible to comply with his request for photographs because Miss Berry is out of town.

Marbury sends thanks for the box of cotton and encloses a $50 gift. She offers to donate multiple subscriptions to the Christian Science Monitor to the schools.

Berry inquires about the status of an article about Roanie that was to have been forwarded to the Associated Press in Atlanta via the Rome Tribune.

Martin, of The Printing House of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc., writes Miss Bessie Bonner to inform her that they will be sending a proof of a leaflet, and that they will have no trouble delivering 20,000 leaflets later in the month.

Mr. Martin of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc. sends a rough proof of a Mother's Day leaflet for her approval. Mr. Martin also inquires about the quantitiy of leaflets that should be made.

Berry responds that the modern influences Boyden mentioned in earlier letters have worked considerable influence on southern mountain people.

Sparkes follows up with Berry for his article on southern mountain people, asking her opinion about the impact of modernization.

Berry agrees to Sparkes proposal that he write an article about the school for the Saturday Evening Post.

Sparkes proposes to write an article about modern influences on mountain people, including the Berry School, highways, automobiles, radio, etc., for the Saturday Evening Post.

In this letter Martha Berry is informing Mr. Nevins of her desire to keep publicity for the schools conservative.

Miss Berry tells Mrs. Inman that she is sad because she has had to break engagements that would have meant money for Berry because of her health. She also explains that she's going to New York in March but needs Inez Wooten to go to with her because she isn't strong enough to go alone. She asks Mrs. Inman to go to Augusta as soon as possible so she can set up the exhibit at the Bon-Air. She tells Mrs. Inman to let her know if she needs Inez. Miss Berry also notes that she thinks it's better to have less publicity in Atlanta so others don't try to do the same things Berry is doing.

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