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Martha Berry writes that she does not need to buy any of the land that is in front of The Berry Schools, and that she thinks $7,000 for 10 acres is too much.

Berry asks Price to have a personal conference with Mr. Sibley about whether legal action in regard to some property would be successful. Berry reports on the difficulties caused by the closing of the bank in Menlo, including the closing of a hotel at Cloudland. She reports that Frances Rhea Berry's health is improved.

A donation letter to Martha Berry from Mary Skeel in Bedford Hills, NY. Mary Skeel is making an additional donation after receiving a jar of jelly from the Berry Schools and having recently sold property in New York. She also hopes Berry isn't suffering from the unfortunate summer.

Mrs. Nail, overhearing that Martha Berry wishes to buy a portion of her property, describes the land in which she is willing to sell. In a subsequent letter, Miss Berry explains to Mrs. Nail that she will not be able to come see the land unless the price is reasonable.


Miss Berry tells Mr. Nail that she is not interested in buying the land at his price.



J. L. Nail writes to Martha Berry to offer to sell her a small tract of land near Mentone, Alabama. Nail extends this offer because he/she is aware of Martha Berry's ownership of property in the area and wishes to give her a chance to purchase more.
The tract of land being offered for sale contains 75 acres (approx.) and about a quarter of a mile of river-front, including the only "dam-site" on Little R(iver) between the Huron dam and the Taylor ford.
Nail also mentions that there are other small tracts of adjoining land also available for purchase if Martha Berry so desires them.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. McLendon for the business advice regarding the sale of some property.


Martha Berry informs Mr. Lowery that she is purchasing 80 acres of land on Lookout Mountain and that she will take up the deed as soon as he receives it.

Martha Berry inquires about property in Mentone that she may be interested in purchasing.

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