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Browne proposes a date to for her visit to paint Berry's portrait.

Berry acknowledges Brown's desire to paint her portrait. She asks if they can set up a date in October, but warns that she is far past the age where she should have her portrait painted.

Browne discusses how she wishes to approach painting Martha Berry's portrait, working partially from a miniature of Berry painted ten years ago, but primarily from life. She tells Berry she would be able to erase "the traces of the past ten years" in the new portrait if Berry wishes, but thinks that an accurate representation of her face would be more interesting and compelling to potential donors.

Berry writes that she must reschedule Stone's visit to paint her portrait, and hopes that he can do so before "I get too old and ugly".

Miss Berry tells Mr. Stone that he could come by now and paint the portrait for $500, and that that she will let him stay at Berry so he does not have to worry about boarding expenses.


Wingo advises that a portrait, evidently of the son of the donors of the dental clinic, has arrived, along with a tablet with the subject's name.

Martha Berry writes that she would like very much for Seymour M. Stone to make her picture [portrait], but fears that she has waited until she is "too old and fat". She comments that previous pictures were failures, so the canvases were destroyed.

Seymore telegram's Martha having heard nothing about the portrait and to tell him what she could afford for portrait.

Berry responds to a letter from Ford with details about the weather, visitors to the school who admired the Ford Buildings, taking dolls to mountain children, and Martha Freeman's health. Berry requests a painting of Henry Ford for the dining room.

Letter regarding the recent luncheon at the Cosmopolitan Club and mentioning the hope for Mr. Cameron's visit to speak at graduation. She mentions the expectation of a portrait of Henry Ford as an anniversary gift for the schools.

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