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This letter is to the Berry Schools from the State of Georgia Department of Agriculture, informing them that pictures of Berry Schools are in the new agriculture book, "Georgia and Her Resources."

Martha Berry writes to Miss Hoyt enclosing a picture. She hopes that she will find it alright as there was no negative of the picture so they had to make a print from the cut they'd had.

The Berry Schools write to Clyde to inform him that the letter with the kodak pictures has been received and to let him know that Marth is away until August or September

Chester writes to Miss Bonner with grouping of the tree moving pictures, as these are the suggestion for approval.

Frank Campsall, assistant secretary to Henry Ford, writes to inform Martha Berry that her letter to Mr. Ebling has been referred to him and that he will send a number of still pictures and two reels of film from the SIlver Anniversary of Berry. He also suggests that she make notes of titling for the scenes in the film and return it so that they might make any changes before returning it to her.

A letter from B. Bonner telling Mrs. Williams that Martha Berry wanted a reference of the 25th Anniversary to be put in the Highlander, as well as having pictures of the barracks that is being constructed be used to garner dormitory funds.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Moss apologizing that she didn't get to say goodbye because she has her hands full with a problem that keeps her up at night. She also asks when the pictures will come because she'd like to use them in the Berry leaflets.

In this letter Martha Berry checks back in with Mr. Goldman about some pictures that she had previously sent him.

Martha writes to Mrs. Mead with some pictures that were made the morning she left. She tells her that the boys and girls were thrilled with her visit and mentions the dorm fire briefly.

Emily Hammond thanks Berry for the recent correspondence. Hammond hopes that the destoryed dormitory was insured.


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