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Thank you letter for gift at the Christmas season, hoping to keep all 900 boys & girls during the new term.

In this letter to Mr. Erwin Holt, Miss Berry requests that he write to Mr. Wicker and have them send over some oranges.

Mr. Willard thanks Miss Berry for the package of cotton balls and him and his wife sends her best wishes for the New Year.

Martha Berry writes Miss M. W. Schott to thank her for a church calendar that she sent. She wishes Miss Schott a blessed New Year and a Christmas season full of "Peace and Happiness."

Hattie and Sarah Rogers send $25 and their best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

The letter wishes Miss Berry a happy and successful new year.


Louis H. Moss writes Martha Berry to thank her for remembering him at Christmas and to extend his own well wishes to her and hers for Christmas and the New Year.

Giving thanks to Mr. McCain for the gift towards the endowment Mr. McCain contributed to the future of the schools.

Mary Hepburn is thanked for her gift of $150.00. The new spring term has opened, and there are several new boys and girls.

Albert F. Zangerle writes to Miss Berry to thank her for her kindness in sending her the jelly made at Berry. He also wishes the Schools a successful new year.



Mrs. Waldeck writes to Martha Berry wishing her and everyone involved with her enterprise a happy and prosperous new year. She also sends part of her tithe, a $50 check.

Ms. Taylor thanks Miss Berry for the water melons she sent.

Mr. Arnold thanks Martha Berry for some jelly she sent for Christmas.

Martha Berry responds to Mrs. Hammond's letter and approves the dates for her stay at the school. Martha Berry is glad for Mrs. Hammond to visit.


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