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Miss Berry thanks Mr. Anderson for the permanent scholarship he sent in memory of his mother to be named the Rebecca J. Anderson Scholarship. She also thanks him for telling his friend Mr. Keller about the work of The Berry Schools. She notes that he sent the Schools shares and they will enter his gift as the Christian J. Keller Scholarship. She thanks Mr. Anderson again and wishes blessings on him from the gift he gave to Berry.

Robert Anderson informs Martha Berry of his desire to set up a permanent scholarship in honor of his mother, Rebecca J. Anderson. He also sends 25 shares of common stock for the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company on behalf of his friend, Christian J. Keller.

Welch writes to Berry about her appeal for Mother's Day. She wishes to donate $10 each year on her mother's birthday, August 13th, to honor her mother.

Martha writes to Mrs. Stetson to thank her for the gift in memory of Mrs. Stetson's mother, and hopes that she and her husband will come to visit.

Letter from Mr. E. S. Benson with his annual donation in memory of his deceased mother.

Harrah wishes to set up a scholarship that will go to a girl of about 15, in memory of her daughter of that age. She inquires whether the school can use books she has

Berry thanks Mrs. Harrah for the scholarship in memory of her daughter, Hester Lela Harrah, and looks forward to Mrs. Harrah's planned to visit the school.

E. B. Maguire, secretary to Mrs. Hammond, writes to Miss Berry, sends $300 for two scholarships in the name of Gertrude Moore Richards and tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Hammond is probably send more money for scholarships in surplus of the endowment fund.

Mrs. Fearn sends $100 in memory of her son E Roydy Fearn. She also says that of all the women she knows she most envies Miss Berry's life work and expresses her hope that more and more will help Miss Berry carry on her work.

Theodore Palmer is inquiring about reminders of payment for a $85 scholarship he and his siblings established in memory of their father. There are also calculations at the bottom of the letter that may be in regards to payment.

McAlpin explains that she must withdraw her $1,000 pledge for the dormitory, which she had forgotten, as she has already sent $2,500 for a scholarship in memory of her mother, Almira Goodsell Rockefeller (Mrs. William Avery Rockefeller, Jr.)

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