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The Berry Schools acknowledge receipt of donation and thank Miss Myra S. Young for donating two books to the library.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Clifford Weaver to thank her and Mrs. Welch for their donations to the library.

The Library of Congress requests copies of the Southern Highlander from Autumn 1928 for inclusion in their collection.

Martha Berry writes to thank V. Everit Macy for a gift for Pilgrim Hall and describes the beginning of construction of the residence hall. She writes tenderly of his wife Edith Carpenter Macy, of the library given in her memory, and of her own waning strength.

Letter expresses disappointment about not being able to attend Mrs Hammonds' party and discusses her wish to meet with Miss Berry that fall. Mrs. MacArthur also encloses a check to be used to buy library books.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the visit by the Pilgrims and the gift commitments they made. Berry says that the boys are delighted with the photograph Ladd sent of herself for Lemley Hall, but that she is jealous and wants one for herself.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Alston for the books he donated to the Library.


Martha writes to Mrs. Black that she has received the book and sends her thanks, and lets her know about her sister's accident.



Wheeler regrets that she cannot send money, but does send one of the books the library needs from the list in the Southern Highlander. She alerts Berry to the death of Miss Whitfield and sends news of the illness of Anna Grimes, her companion's daughter.

Martha writes Mrs. Ladd with a list of books and a note from the library as well as discusses Lemley Hall with Mrs. Ladd. Martha hopes that summer at Bar Harbor has done well for Mrs. Ladd as well.

Martha Berry writes that she was delighted to receive a letter in Ladd's own handwriting and that she imagines Ladd's beautiful smile. Berry thanks Ladd for her friendship and contributions. She speaks of the library that they donated and boxes of candy that they sent to the students who in return sent them to their younger siblings. She wishes recovery and good health for Mr. Ladd.

Letter thanks Kintz for her scholarship contribution, which may be paid in installments. If she wishes to contribute a magazine subscription, the library needs Popular Science Monthly and Industrial Arts.

Carrie H. Hale encloses a contribution to purchase library books listed in the summer issue of the Southern Highlander. She offers a gift book and periodical subscription.

Martha Berry asks architect Harry J. Carlson to have a bookplate made for the library and asks when the motto and seal will be ready.

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