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Martha Berry writes that she does not want her guests to tip the boys & girls because she would like them to treat the guests as if they were in their home. Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Robinson for her letter and her gift, and encourages her to endow a day in honor of Col. Roosevelt. She also tells a funny story about a little boy's history lesson.

Mrs. Moën thanks Miss Berry for a pamphlet and her letter, but she is unable to support Berry due to other commitments.

This is a letter to Mr. Hoge regarding the prices of stump pullers.


A letter to a Mrs J. H. Franklin wishing her and her family well-wishes, as well as a desire for her to come visit the school. Likely a major contributor.



Letter regarding Mrs. Duckworth's friend Peter and his interest in and donation to the school.

Letter to R. C. Alston from Martha Berry about asking Mr. Frank Hawkins to be a trustee after Miss Berry met him.

Letter to inform Martha Berry that her sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles E. Sherman, has died.



Letter from Eva Moore Sherman thanking Martha Berry for the cotton she sent.

Mrs. Matthews asks Miss Berry if the school can make her feathers into a fire screen instead of the fans her friend Mrs. Frank Inman purchased if she sends them right away.

Letter requesting donations for the construction of a guest cottage and includes the plans made by the architect. Miss Berry says that even a simple log cabin would suffice for a guest house and later a house for teachers. She also tells Miss Green about her mother's death and how she is all alone with Aunt Martha.

This letter is from George Tyson to Martha Berry regarding a check. The letter discusses a potential student named Eugene, likely Eugene Gunby.

In answer to Miss Berry's recent letter, Mr. Pounsford sends a check for $150 to help accomplish good results.



This is a letter addressed to Martha about meeting possibly with Mr. Liebold at Ford Motors. It is a confirmation that a letter from her a received.

A letter inquiring after a missing cut of a leaflet called "What they Say of Berry Schools." The records at the Berry Schools do not show that it has been returned, so Miss Berry asks Mr. Martin to look for it in his office.

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