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Miss Berry writes to Miss Armes to let her know that bags have been sent to Miss Turner at Sebec and explains that she is writing to Miss Turner. She also asks if Miss Armes still wants the lavender bags to be sent at the end of the month.

Frances Turner writes to apologize for all the trouble Miss Bonner is having with the post office in Sebec. She says she doesn't want the lavender as much as she wants to add to the Berry treasury so she places an order for ten bags.

Miss Berry writes to thank Catherine for her purchase of lavender bags. She mentions that the price will go up after this order.

Armes discusses an order for lavender, the condition of Miss Berry's sister and a letter from Miss Berry just received. She asks for a copy of the record of Miss Berry's work that she authored.

Armes reports on selling lavender bags and orders more. She is looking forward to her visit to Berry, where she hopes to be "a regular Berry schoolgirl."

Berry encloses a copy of Ames's contribution to the Pictorial Review. Berry provides details about orders for lavender bags and rugs, tells of her sister's injuries from an automobile accident, and looks forward to seeing Ames and her daughter.

Alice V. Morris writes Martha Berry thanking her for the lavender.

Donation letter from Florine S. Fearn with a check for $100.00 sympathizing with the loss of crops. Mrs. Fearn also thanks Miss Berry for her gift of lavender.

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