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A letter thanking Martha Berry for her inclusion in being mentioned as a member of "The Distinguished Hostess Committee" in the Atlanta Papers, and speaks of her excitement in meeting Martha Berry and doing something to honor the President.

Berry invites New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt to speak at commencement. She reminds him that he has promised to come and hopes the date will work. She mentions having met his mother recently at luncheon with Mrs. Douglas Robinson.

Mr. Butler (president of Columbia University and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931) lets Martha Berry know he is not sure what time he has available to visit, as when he takes time off from work, he does not like to have obligations.

Senator George's secretary (whose name appears to be "Sarah...") writes Martha Berry an acknowledgement of an invitation she sent the senator. She says that Martha Berry should hear from him in the next few days.

Martha Berry requests that when the Garden Club of America comes to Atlanta they spend a day at Berry. She notes the grounds are well kept and her old colonial house with beautiful gardens and wonderful hedges of boxwood are worth seeing. Berry indicates the roads are well paved all the way from Atlanta.

Extension of an invitation to visit Berry Schools to a Mr. George Eastman. He is invited to stay at the Berry guest house, which has "a hostess to welcome our friends." Berry offers to take him into the country and show him some cabin homes and old colonial houses.

Miss Dexter sends an invitation for an event which Martha Berry will be attending.

Mrs. Frederic Van Lennep, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Higgins send an invitation in regards to the Junior League Club

Martha Berry writes May Ziegler of the Department of Education to thank her for extending an invitation to speak at the Georgia Banquet, to be given at the Georgia State Teachers College on February 12th. However, Miss Berry informs her that she cannot attend due to a prior engagement but hopes that she will be able see Miss Ziegler some time in the future.

Charles P. Taft writes Miss Berry to kindly decline her invitation to be the Commencement Speaker.

The first letter is from Edith Joynes, the President of the Department of Classroom Teachers, to Miss Berry. She asks that she attend a dinner a few nights after she addresses the department. The second letter is Miss Berry's response. She replies that she will attend if at all possible.

Martha Berry turns down an invitation to attend the Farmers' Week by that State of Missouri Board of Agriculture.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. George Eastman inviting him to visit Berry.

A Letter to Mr. Trawick from Martha Berry inviting him to come visit the Berry School and have a luncheon with her. She also asks him to invite Mr. Henry B. Thompson to come.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to a Mrs. Adelaide McAlpin Pyle. Miss Berry is sending her regards and reasoning for not being able to visit Mrs. Pyle.

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