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Moody cannot send a check, but is sending a box of "a few spare articles," including blankets.

Thank you letter for the hosiery donated by the Holeproof Hosiery Company to be distributed to the girls at Christmas.

Letter about boxes of girls' clothing sent to Miss Berry.

Edna G. Cosgrove asks to have her name and address changed in the school's records; she was previously Edna Gibson. She encloses a contribution and alerts Martha Berry that the boys in her class at Columbia Grammar school have sent three packages of books, noting that because these boys have much (perhaps too much) they will be able to send more books from time to time should Berry wish.

Harry J. Carlson encloses copies of correspondence with the B. Mifflin Hood Brick Company, noting that Berry should send a thank you for a possible gift of roofing tile and asking that Mr. Skinner have samples of their tile on hand for his next visit. The letter from B. Mifflin Hood provides information about their roofing tile and about installation at other institutions. They are very interested in working on projects at Berry and offer a test installation at Berry for no charge or reduced price.

Dr. Carpenter encloses a contribution for her sister Julia's scholarship. She reminds Berry that she has offered a winter coat for a teacher quoted in the Highlander as not having had a new one in nine years.

Martha Berry confirms interest in toys and other items offered by Adele Browning and thanks her for her interest.

Martha Berry writes to acknowledge the gift of a package of clothing, and to apologize that her previous letter was not received.

Veitch writes to say that she and Mrs. Whitaker are packing items to send to Berry. She asks for confirmation that Martha Berry wishes to education pupils in Christianity as well as practical matters, and wonders if it is too late for her to support a pupil.

A letter acknowledging a gift of shoes.

Thank you letter for glue donated by the Kwikstik Company.

Berry thanks Kalbfleisch for is monetary contribution and writes that she hopes to meet with him when she is in New York to learn more about the Florida pecan grove he gave to the schools. She refers to her sadness at the death of her mother.

Hilsinger reports that a box of clothing is on the way and expresses pleasure about the Orange Mountain DAR chapter's decision to contribute to Berry.


Farr requests more information about the Mothers Building and offers a dining room table in response to the request for furniture for the building.

Dentist Charles M. Proctor encloses the waybill for reception room furniture for the Dental Clinic and inquires about how the installation of equipment is progressing. He refers to an enclosure of copy for a bronze tablet, for which he has made arrangements for casting.

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