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Martha Berry writes of her plans to spend time at Tate and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and asks Neal to join her.

Martha Berry tells Ladd how much she has been in her thoughts and thanks her for the Christmas candy that meant so much to the boys and girls. They took only one day for Christmas, keeping the students on campus so that they would not bring illness from home. Berry updates Ladd on Frances Ball's health, regretting that she had to leave her niece alone at Johns Hopkins Hospital over the holiday.


Ladd writes about her own health and the joy she finds in helping others. She wishes Berry did not have the worry of her niece's illness and hopes that the cures abroad have helped Berry.

Berry updates Ladd on her health and her summer after not being able to write to her for quite some time. Berry speaks of her loneliness during her summer rest, when she thought of Ladd often and always felt her near.

Ladd's letter will be held for Berry's return later in the month. Berry has written that her health has improved.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Ladd to thank her for her contribution to "Pilgrim Hall."

Martha Berry updates Ladd on furnishings for Lemley Hall and what she hopes will happen in the future.

Berry declines an invitation to speak at Commencement at the Texas State College for Women.

Berry thanks Holt for his gift and reports on her trip to Nauheim.

Hollenback's nephew, Louis Twyeffort, has endowed a memorial scholarship in honor of his brother John Gooding Twyeffort. Berry remembers the sadness of the death of "Baby John" and tells Hollenback the scholarship is the best memorial he could have. Berry reports on Frances Ball's kidney operation at Johns Hopkins Hosptial.

Mina Colburn Hilles writes of her recent visit to Berry and regret at having not seen Martha Berry. Hilles wishes to interest her husband in becoming a benefactor to the school and discusses her interest in the health of young people. Hilles describes her own "nature diet" and suggests that a mill to prepare grains grown at the school might be a possibility. She invites Martha Berry to visit for any length of time, and to meet their adopted daughter Betty and two other girls they are educating.

Miss Berry sends her regards due to Miss Bray's ill health and tells her she hopes to visit Atlanta and see her.

Berry tells Wingo that she should stay at Dr. Goldthwaite's sanitarium as long as she can, even if she is a few days late for school. She mentions Mrs. Wright's automobile accident and injuries.

Wingo reports that Dr. Goldthwaite has made a reservation for her at Corey Hill Hospital. She encloses a price list from a gift shop, recommending developing a similar list for Sunshine as a convenience, and comments on a Progressive Farmer article.

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