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Miss Berry expresses her desire to see Miss Wheeler and explains the great need of a gymnasium for the boys during the winter. They already have $5,000 and need to raise another $10,000. Miss Berry hopes Miss Wheeler receives the letter at a time when she can help with the gymnasium.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Roop for the money she and her husband donated to the school and informs her that a total of $16,300 has been raised for the gymnasium. She states that though they were not able to get people to contribute exactly as Mr. Roop had wanted, they were still able to raise the money.

Martha writes to Mrs. Roop to thank her for the coat that was sent to the schools. Martha also writes that she hopes that Mrs. Hoop would visit the school as well as hope that she has the gymnasium still in mind.

Mrs. Pendleton sends a $500 gift for a gym.


Miss Berry wrote it to ask Mr. Manville for the $500.00 check that he promised the school for the shingles of their gymnasium. She also sends her sympathies to Mr. Manville because she heard that his father passed away.

Martha Berry inquires about Miss Laughlin's summer and her own trip to Europe. She discusses her father's friendship to Berry and his visit to Berry before his death. Martha Berry writes about the need for $10,000 for a new gymnasium.

Martha writes to Mrs. Ladd to thank her for her letter and gives her the title of fairy godmother. She also writes about a letter they received for five thousand dollars if they school could raise ten thousand for a gymnasium, but she is loathe to leave the school when there is so much that needs her attention.

The writer acknowledges receipt of Miss Laughlin's $5,000 gift for the new gymnasium, notes that Miss Berry is away, and tells Miss Laughlin that Miss Berry will probably send a note when she returns.

Miss Laughlin donates $5,000 to Berry for the building of a gym.

Mrs. Kennedy encloses a $500 check for the "gym."

Letter of thanks for Mrs Kennedy's gift for a gymnasium and thanks her for her long friendship.

Miss Berry is interested in raising $10,000 to then receive a gift of $5,000 for a gymnasium. Miss Berry is writing Mrs. Hills in hopes that she, herself, or others, can help make this happen.

Miss Berry asks Miss Frothingham for help with the building of the new gymnasium. They require an additional $10,000 and her help would be appreciated.


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