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Mrs. Heath explains that she sent a package of clothing to the Berry Schools and wants to know whether or not it had been received.

A letter of thanks to Mrs. Harrison for all of her involvement with Berry Schools and her faithful donations to help the poor children. Martha Berry informs Mrs. Harrison that a copy of the book "Martha Berry" was mailed to her.

A thank you letter for her gift received through Mrs. Hammond.

Letter from Martha Berry thanking Mrs. Norman for gift (given through Mrs. Hammond) . Gift will provide work to allow students to earn their tuition. Miss Berry describes what students are doign and wearing.

A thank you letter for Mrs. Messier's gift to the Berry Schools through Emily Hammond.

Miss Martha Berry is thanking Miss Murray for the gift send through Mrs. Hammond. She goes on to describe the hardwork done without complaint in the heat of summer, without complaint.

A letter thanking Mr. Greenwood for his gift in support of Caroline and other students.

A thank you letter for the gift of 30 pounds of woolen blanket remnants and an invitation to come visit Berry's campus whenever is convenient.

A thank you note for the calendar of 1939 Mrs. Greene sent.

A letter of thanks to Miss Martha Berry for the letter opener he received from her in the mail. He goes on to mention her letter of thanks for his work in installing a pump at the Boy's High School Store and how he was happy to be of assistance to her institution.


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A letter of thanks from Mrs. Green to Martha Berry for the Christmas present of a pretty plant. She goes on to describe how happy her and her family are there at Berry during the Christmas season. She writes of the great Christmas spirit and joy that Berry brings to the holidays, and their great happiness in being apart of it. She mentions losing her mother earlier that year, and also describes her mother's great love and dedication to the school as well.

A letter from Martha Berry expressing thanks for a gift and inviting Mrs. Morris to visit the school.

Note thanking Mr. Mooney for the Christmas gifts they received from him.

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