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Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Bench for a gift she has sent. Miss Berry also commends the existence and influence of her schools, the students of which (as well as Mrs. Bench) she describes as friends.

Before glorifying Berry College's impact on thousands of former students, Miss Berry thanks rs. Merrick for the gift she sent via Mrs. Hammond.


Martha Berry thanks Miss Hammond for her interest in the Berry Schools. She expresses her hope that Miss Hammond will visit Berry and see the work that they are doing firsthand. She expresses her gratitude again and wishes Miss Hammond a happy new year.

Mrs. Aisenbrey sends New Year greetings to the Berry School. She mentions that she and her class met and are sending a check to the school.

Mr. Hammond thanks Martha Berry for the package of cotton bolls from Berry that she sent him. He then wishes her and her students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hamblet profusely for her gift to the school. She informs Mrs. Hamblet that Berry has a long waiting list for students who want to enter, and that each gift is put toward scholarships for the most needy. Martha Berry describes one letter about a boy whose father is a drunkard, and mentions that she prays every night that help will come to the needy children.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Graves for her gift and describes how it helps the students of the Berry Schools. She then details the events of the upcoming commencement week at Berry and expresses her wish that donors to the school could be present to see 129 students graduate.

Martha Berry expresses her thanks for Mrs. Gould's gift and her support of the Berry Schools.

Laura Smith sends The Berry Schools a check for $100 in response to the recent drought.

In this letter Martha Berry explains her convictions on donation policies, in hopes that Miriam Little Simons will adjust her method of donation accordingly.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Henry Sillcocks and her friend for their gift.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Keep for the donation on their golden wedding anniversary of one dollar for every year.

M. L. Richardson thanks Miss Berry for the box of cotton and sends hopes for a good Christmas season.

This letter thanks Mr. Richardson for his generous gift which came at a good time. It also invites him to take a visit soon to Berry.

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