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Martha Berry informs Mrs. Crew that she has received the table and thanks for for handling the matter promptly. She says the table came in good condition and apologizes that it took her so long to acknowledge this.

Berry thanks Crew for her assistance in locating a table and lets her know the table has been delivered.


Martha writes to Mr. Campbell thanking him for the photos and negatives, as well as thanking for the furniture that Mr. Ford had done over.

M. A. Harrington of W. E. Browne Decorating Co. informs Martha Berry that he will call to tell her when he has arrived in Rome.


Letter to Browne Decorating Co. from Martha Berry concerning payment for the furniture for the Berry Schools. Miss Berry informs them that she will pay the bill as soon as she receives the chairs and Mr. Harrington comes and places the furniture as he promised her.

Martha Berry writes to the Browne Decorating Co. about some curtains that she did not like.

Letter to M. A. Harrington from Martha Berry concerning furniture that she sent to him by truck so he could cover it for her. She informs Mr. Harrington that Mrs. Campbell didn't like the material for the sofa and therefore she needs it recovered. She tells him that she will travel to Atlanta within the next few days to pick out something suitable for the covering.

M.A. Harrington asks Martha Berry if she will be visiting the W.E. Browne Decorating Company soon to select hangings and rugs.


Mr. Harrington writes to Martha about a piano that Mr. Phillips thought would look loving on the Girl's Dining room balcony. Mr. Phillips is willing to drop the price of the piano if paid in cash.

Martha Berry asks Brown's Antique Furniture Exchange to attend to the problem of the furniture and knobs being delivered in disrepair.

Farr requests more information about the Mothers Building and offers a dining room table in response to the request for furniture for the building.

Martha writes to Miss Farr about her letter that Miss Godfrey sent in about the furniture. While it could not be used for the Mothers building the school could gladly use it at another building on campus if Miss Farr feels she could give it.

Miss Berry asks Mrs. Wright about the antique furniture and apologizes for not visiting sooner. She also tells Mrs. Wright to write "Personal" on her response letter so that she will give it immediate attention.

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