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Unknown date. 2 Western Union Day letters trying to set up a fundraising event in Lake Placid.

Martha Berry asks Amelia Burkert to send information about donors.

Bartholomew is planning a special issue of the Three Arts Club magazine, The Foreward, that focuses on the Berry Schools. She asks permission to use a condensed version of "The Sunday Lady" and requests a photograph of Mrs. Robinson driving an ox cart. She suggests that since her acquaintances are not wealthy, and thus among those the Pilgrims are expected to invite to the upcoming dinner, she might be given a list of Atlantans to invite.

In this mail out, Martha Berry asks for donations to the school; especially the one hundred fifty dollars, it takes to fund a student for a year.

Ochs encloses contributions toward commitments to the Endowment Fund and another subscription. He assures Berry of his commitment to raise $1 million for the Endowment Fund despite being asked by the Trustees to abandon his plan and an "unpleasant letter" from E.H. Hoge.

This letter from Martha Berry describes the loss of the dormitory at the Foundation Schools. She is requesting money to help rebuild and fireproof the replacement building so that they can have it ready for the opening term that September. The letter also seems to carry Wilcox's handwritten reply, indicating that he would love to help out.

Martha Berry asks for donations to fund the rebuilding of a dormitory which has burned down.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Strong to request a donation to fund a Berry student for a year of study.

Mr. Hoge sends letter to remind recipient to send in installment of a pledge.

Martha Berry asks Mrs. Rothschild for help with raising money for the re-building of the dormitory at the Foundation School. Berry says that even though she knows Mrs. Rothschild is very busy, she believes she is "the kind of person who can always do one more thing."

This note from Mrs. Paige is requesting that Miss Berry send a pamphlet about the schools for fundraising purposes.

Schwab declines to contribute to the campaign.

Copies of Adolph Ochs's solicitation letters for the endowment fund and a list of potential donors to whom the letter has been sent.

Berry thanks Ochs for sending endowment money, commenting that the more people that can be interested in the school, the better. She hopes that V. Everitt and Valentine Macy will contribute to the endowment.

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