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Martha Berry writes to Bonnell H. Stone about a lecture and a luncheon. She says that they do not have a lot of room for extra guests to come to these events, and that they may need to change the location of the luncheon.

In this letter the Director of Education for the State Forestry Department is informing all of the teachers in Georgia of an essay contest on the protection of trees.

Miss Berry wishes for the tree that is to be named after her at the Blairsville Institute to be either a elm or a water-oak if they grow in that area.

The Committee at Blairsville writes to Martha about a project for forestry that the Teachers Association in Union County started previously. They extend an offer to add a tree with Martha's name to the arboretum they have started.

Letter from Miss Berry requesting assistance with purchase (or gifts) for forestry department to Keuffel & Eason Company

A letter from Martha Berry asking the Eugene Dietzer Company to help provide some equipment for a new course in forestry being offered at the Berry Schools. Berry mentions a recent fire on campus that has significantly affected the Schools' funds.

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