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Whiting proposes an endowed day in memory of her father, but will need to send the $2,500 in "driblets" and so it will take some time.

Berry tells Whiting that the school would be delighted for her to endow a day in memory of her father.

Mrs. Watson donates $2500 to endow the day April 6, her wedding day.

Jane Tuttle writes that she has chosen her parent's wedding anniversary for her endowed day and sends a contribution.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Thomas to express her sympathy for her father's death and encloses literature about endowed days.

Mrs. Taylor sends the check to endow a day in her husband's memory from her and her daughter.

Mrs. Taylor writes to the secretary to inform her that the gift was only from herself and her daughter and had nothing to do with her sister.

Mrs. Taylor writes to endow a day in memory of Dr. Taylor (the day of his death, or Heavenly Birthday) and asks if Miss Berry can do that for her if she promises to send the money a little later.

$150 from Charles A. Stinson

Miss Berry writes to thank Dr. Shaw for his gift, to invite Mr. and Mrs. Shaw to visit Berry and to tell him about the results of the Berry Birthday Dinner.

Mrs. Seaverns sends her donation of $150.

Mrs. Robinson writes to inquire about reserving an endowed day in honor of her brother, having donated $1000 in the past and having expressed interest in making additional contributions.

Miss Berry thanks the family for their gifts and speaks well of Noel. She invites them to come visit Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Standish telling him that there was a wonderful dinner given by Mrs. Hammond with a thousand people. Someone enthusiastically suggested that everyone endow a day, which was then reported in the newspaper. Miss Berry notes that the newspaper seems to think there was a greater amount raised than there actually was. She explains that although people think they have raised a lot of money, they had actually raised less money than ever before. She also inquires as to when Mr. Meacham is going to visit again as it has been such a long time since he has visited.

A donation card from Mrs. William L. McKee with $150.00 enclosed to go to scholarships at The Berry Schools.

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