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Martha Berry writes to thank Mrs. Clark for the gift sent by Mrs. Hammond towards an endowed day for Mrs. Waldo Richards. She hopes that they will visit Berry when they come south.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Stillman to thank her for the gift she sent The Berry Schools in Miss Stillman sister's honor. She says she'd love to have an endowed day in her memory so that her work lives through the boys and girls at Berry.

Martha Berry asks Miss Willock for the names of Mr Hamilton Stewart's brothers so that she can write to them to request th they fund an endowed day in his memory. Martha writes that she tinks of Miss

A thank you letter from The Berry Schools to James X. MacCloskey, Jr. for his letter regarding an endowed day in memory of trustee Hamilton Stewart. The Schools send literature under separate cover and gives a brief history of the Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Morgan to ask him to make an endowed day in memory of Mrs. Pierpont Morgan, who was one of Berry's first friends.

Mrs. G. Beekman Hoppin sends $300, sent by Mrs. J. H. Hammond for Mrs. Waldo Richards' Endowed Day.

Martha writes to Miss Hollenback thanking her for the donation to complete the endowed day in memory of Miss Hollenback's sister. Martha notes it is the busiest time of their lives and that she will write a long letter soon.

Mrs. William B. Osgood Field sends $100 to the Berry Schools. The check was sent from Mrs. Field to Berry by Mrs. Hammond for an endowed day for Mrs. Waldo Richards.

Dean Palmer sends a $200 check as a partial payment for her share of a $2,500 endowed day scholarship to honor his father, J. D. Palmer.

Letter to Valentine E. Macy Jr. from Martha Berry thanking him for sending money for Endowment Day in honor of his mother.

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