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A letter from Clark Foreman of the Georgia Committee on Interracial Cooperation to Martha Berry and Berry Schools. Mr. Foreman visited Berry and praises Ms. Berry for her contributions to the field of education. Included was a ten dollar donation.

A letter from Martha Berry explaining what she has done for the boys and girls of Berry, while also enclosing some literature about the work to Mrs. Bowen.

Donation of $15.00 from Arabella A. James to the Berry Schools.

Berry is pleased that her nephew Howard Ball is back in school and implores him to stay until Christmas, at least. She advises him that nothing in life will be as meaningful as studying hard and says she would enjoy a letter from him. She advises him to take care of his health and reports on her own poor health.


Martha Berry implores her nephew Howard Ball to stay in school, telling him that she prays night and day that he will do so. She reports being "still in bed, flat on my back" and therefore unable to come to California to be with him.


This is a thank-you letter from Miss Berry to a woman named Mrs. Henderson for her generous gift. Miss Berry tells her what her money is going towards: fulfilling a promise of education to some boys and girls she met in desolate cabins in the mountains.

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