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Martha Berry writes Bertha Hoersch asking for donations because of the intense drought. Bertha Hoersch replies with a donation of $5.

A letter asking Mrs. Hills for any donations she can spare, as a drought has put Berry Schools in danger of having to close. Mrs. Hills responded with sympathy and a donation.

Miss Berry writes about the recent drought that affected the crops at the schools and asks Mr. Macy for any donations that he could offer.

Mary MacArthur understands the pain of fundraising because of the drought and the economic conditions facing the country and sends a donation of $25 to the schools.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. Hamill thanking her for her check of five dollars. Miss Berry expresses that they have almost one thousand students at Berry and with the recent drought the students need more clothes and to be furnished more than ever.

Mr. Greene sends a donation to help with the effects of the drought and sends his hopes that many more will respond to Miss Berry's appeal.


Mrs. Gaddis sympathizes with problems of the drought and sends a $5.00 check.

Martha writes to Elizabeth discussing the drought that year and asks for aid from Elizabeth.

Martha writes to thank them for their gift to the Berry schools. She explains that she hopes there will be an Endowment Fund one day and that the schools have grown extremely fast. She also mentions that the school is expecting a great loss even if it rains in the near future.

A letter asking for aid from Fleming in countering the recent drought that has affected The Berry Schools and the surrounding areas.


Mrs. Flather writes that she understands the conditions in the South because her area is experiencing a drought as well. She says that she cannot send a donation at this time because she wants to focus on helping her area first.

Martha Berry tells about the hot dry conditions of the drought and its effect on Berry and the community; she appeals for help to keep the school going. Recipient sent $150.

Martha Berry lets her friend know of the terrible conditions at the moment.


Martha Berry is hoping her friend will send a donation since conditions are starting to get bad through the drought.

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