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H. D. Winnor responds to a plea from Martha Berry for donations to help replace the dormitory that burned. She sends $1 and asks where the insurance was.

Martha writes to Mr. Abrams to thank him for the gift that he sent to the school and writes with some information about the dormitory.

Mary Wheeler sends Martha Berry $2.50 to help pay for the loss of the main dormitory at the Foundation school.

Donation solicitation from Martha Berry to Thomas. A. Watson for the construction of a new dormitory after a fire.

Mrs. Walker expresses her sadness about the burned dormitory and includes a check, saying that she can do without her new rug. She hopes that Berry's other friends will send checks as well and the building will be finished in time.



Alice B. Warden from Martha Berry thanking her for her donation to the dormitory. Miss Berry informs her that the donations form the teachers and boys and girls will mean the most. She thanks her again and expresses her appreciation.

A letter from B. Bonner telling Mrs. Williams that Martha Berry wanted a reference of the 25th Anniversary to be put in the Highlander, as well as having pictures of the barracks that is being constructed be used to garner dormitory funds.

Mrs. Williams encloses a check for $100 in response to Miss Berry's letter about the fire and lost dormitory.



Dr. Taylor writes that he cannot help with Miss Berry's work since he has too much on hand and cannot leave home. He also expresses his sorrow at the disaster of the building fire and hopes it has been restored

In this letter Bessie P. E. Swift sends twenty-five dollars to be put towards the new dormitory, or wherever it is most needed.


Mrs. Templeton sends a donation of $10 to the Berry Schools for the rebuilding of the destroyed dormitory.

A thank you letter from Martha Berry to Carll Tucker. Berry explains that the money donated helped fund the building of a new dorm.

Mr. Henderson donates $5 and is sorry to learn about the dormitory fire.

Martha Berry sends her heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Talmon for her gift toward the new dormitory.

Norma Stewart writes to Martha Berry with a donation for the Berry schools.

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