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Thank you note to the Brooke Hall Alumnae for their gift to help students at Berry.

Mrs. Aull sends a contribution to the Berry Schools and wishes she could send more.

Receipt for J.M.Tallock for $100.00 donation to Berry School.

Ella G. Stephenson writes to thank Martha Berry for sending Christmas cotton bolls, expressing the hope to one day see cotton growing in the fields, and encloses a contribution.

Ida Spurr encloses a donation toward Elizabeth's tuition.

Letter regarding donation to Berry from Officers & Staff of Bank.

George H. Smiley encloses a contribution collected after a play given at Lake Minnewaska Mountain Houses and sends good wishes for Martha Berry's recovery.

Fanny F. Parker writes to thank Martha Berry for sending cotton and encloses a contribution.

Caroline W. Paige writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton and encloses a contribution of $150.

Mary Ober writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton.

Emma L. Merrill writes to say that she wishes she could give more, but that as a retired teacher her donation of $5 is all she can afford.

Martha sends profuse thanks to the Ladd family for their contributions and hospitality.

Contribution record for Miss Gena Russell Harding, Washington, DC.

The letter notes a gift of $15 from the Erskine-Perry-Sears Chapter.


Donation from the Dial Rock Chapter of $10


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