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Ansley Wilcox writes Martha Berry to inform of a yearly donation of $200.00 being made to the school.

Guyon Miller sends a check for $150.00 to go to The Berry Schools.

Miss Eleanor Hague from Pasadena donates $100 to The Berry Schools.

Author sends a $25 contribution to help with the work at Berry.

Mrs De Blanc sends a $150 contribution from tThe New Jersey Soc. Col. Dames of America

Haines Manufacturing Corporation writes Martha Berry to inform her that they are sending three HOLD-E-ZEE screwdrivers to the school. Martha Berry's reply is also included.


Alice Scarborough writes Martha Berry to inform her of a donation she is making to the school.

The members of The Opportunity Class of Central Presbyterian Church write that they are very interested in the work of the Berry Schools. They add that Martha Berry is a "forerunner" like John the Baptist and hope their contribution with make things "easier for some boy or girl."

Mr. Neal sends a $100 contribution for this year's expenses.

Guyon Miller of Downington Manufacturing Co. sends his "usual contribution" of $100 to Martha Berry and Berry Schools.

Mr. Legge's secretary sends Miss Berry $150 as a contribution towards the Berry Schools.

Letter enclosed a $200 contribution, and inquires about Miss Berry's health, and how the schools are doing.

Martha Berry requests any gift to support the students of Berry Schools

Letter thanking Martha Berry for the Christmas cotton as well as informing of a check enclosure for $100.00.

Ansley Wilcox writes Martha Berry to inform her that he will be donating $200.00 to the Berry Schools. He also sends his regrets about the fire at the school.

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