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Mrs. Smith sends a check for $50.00 to The Berry Schools. Mrs. Smith also mentions that she will have to reduce her contribution to school since urgent need from other charities have made it necessary for her to do so.


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May E. Hall tells Martha Berry that she is sending a check from Mr. Sloane to her since Mr. Sloane has left for Europe and Ms. Hall wants to make sure the check is not overlooked later on. This check would be the second payment towards Mr. Sloane's pledge of $100,000. Mrs. Hall also mentions to Miss Berry that she enjoyed meeting her nephew and that she hoped he was able to acquire some knowledge in the few weeks he stayed with her.

Mrs. Robinson writes to Miss Berry with a donation for the school and gives her best wishes.

Robertson encloses a check and advises that she has ordered two subscriptions to the No-Tobacco Journal for the school.

Mrs. Janet M. Roberts sends $2.00 to the Berry Schools for Tommy.

M. B. MacBride writes on behalf of Mrs. Rives and sends a check for $25 to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Riter sends a $10.00 donation to the Berry Schools.



Mrs. Riter writes to Martha with a check for mother's day in memory of her own mother.

M. Ellen Richards sends Martha Berry a check for $5.00 in response to the news of the drought and its affect on the School.

Filomena writes to Mrs. Hammond with a donation for the Berry Schools having always been interested in the Berry Schools and considers it a privilege to help in any small way to the School.

Mrs. Randolf encloses a $150 check to help some child get a start in life.



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