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Berry reports on fundraising and seeks Hammond's advice about starting a campaign.

This is a letter to Mr. Campbell from Martha Berry suggesting to talk to Mr. McGill about starting a campaign. She feels it is the right time to start one and wants to as soon as possible before Mr. McGill goes forward with another one.

Martha Berry is suggesting that the fundraising campaign should be for $2,000,000. She wants him to help organize it and believe that the first million can be raised between a year and a year and a half.


Miss Berry has just gotten over a bronchial cough and has missed her appointment with Mr. Penny due to her illness. She informs Miss Neal of this and then notes that she will be in New York on the 4th- pressing that she would like Miss Neal to attend the engagement, held at Mr. Jones' Office, on the 5th of March. Miss Berry believes that together they, alongside Inez Wooton, will be able to raise money and get Trustees for the school.

S. W. McGill writes that the First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta is completing a campaign for $150,000 and is wondering if there have been any developments in the Berry campaign.

Browne discusses how she wishes to approach painting Martha Berry's portrait, working partially from a miniature of Berry painted ten years ago, but primarily from life. She tells Berry she would be able to erase "the traces of the past ten years" in the new portrait if Berry wishes, but thinks that an accurate representation of her face would be more interesting and compelling to potential donors.

The Berry Schools respond to Mr. Williams' letter regarding Mr. Ochs' fund raising in Miss Berry's absence. The Schools ask Mr. Williams not to use that story with the other stories about tourism since the campaign hasn't been completed.

S. W. McGill writes that it would give him "great pleasure" to serve Martha Berry with her proposed campaign in New York City.

Martha Berry thanks Louis M. Starr for his gift of $2,500. She says that she is sorry that the campaign was dropped, saying that she did all she could to help but that she could not enter actively because she already has to send out so many appeal letters and the "regular 'bread and butter' letters. She felt like she would be calling too often on the friends of Berry. She agrees with Mr. Starr that a campaign like that needs strong organization and cannot be done by amateurs.

Martha Berry writes to Virginia Pope telling her that she will not be able to get away from the school to visit this month. She does however mention she will send photographs to her as well as the financial report as soon as they are ready.

Margery Davenport, secretary at Alston, Alston, Foster and Moise, encloses a copy of Mr. Och's letter which Mr. Alston has not yet read.

The letter from Mr. Ochs apologizes for beginning a campaign apparently against Miss Berry's wishes and explains that he had the best of intentions. Although he was successful in rasing nearly $250,000, he will meet with the others involved as soon as he can to tell them that nothing more is to be done with the campaign until Miss Berry directs them otherwise.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond about some fundraising business, expressing dismay about Mr. Ochs' work and pledges. She also asks to hold off publishing an article in the New York Times about the schools.


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