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Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Judd thanking her for the books and material samples which they have placed in Sunshine Cottage at the Girls' School.

Letter to Mrs. A. M. Heath from The Berry Schools thanking her for the book that she sent and informing her that books are always used to good advantage at the schools. She is invited to visit the schools as well.

The Berry Schools send a letter of thanks to Dutton Book Store for their kind donation of books.



Document is a receipt for books held at store from Duttons Inc.

Martha Berry is told she is expecting a check.

The author thanks Miss Choate for the book that she sent.

Alice C. Bumham writes to ask if Miss Berry if she can use some old history books in good condition, a number of Boys Story Books and a year of Better Homes & Gardens and Ladies Home Journals.

Martha Writes to Mr. Benjamin to thank him for the books that he sent to the school.

The Berry Schools acknowledge receipt of donation and thank Miss Myra S. Young for donating two books to the library.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Watrons for his gift of books and tells him that the librarian says they can use the book. She gives him the address to send the books too.



Florence J. Vaughn informs Martha Berry that Mrs. Ladd advises her to buy the rubber tile flooring. She also says that Mr. Ladd and Mrs. Ladd are well and that she hopes the books have reached Miss Johnson.

Vaughn reports on Mrs. Ladd's interest in Lemley Hall, including her desire to purchase furniture for the living room.

Letter expresses disappointment about not being able to attend Mrs Hammonds' party and discusses her wish to meet with Miss Berry that fall. Mrs. MacArthur also encloses a check to be used to buy library books.

Thank you letter for the donation of the books on church and Bible history for the students at Berry.

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