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Martha Berry informs Mr. Johnston of an automobile accident that caused Frances Ball to break her collar bone.


Augusta writes to Martha hoping that her sister and niece are recoving rapidly after the automobile accident and that Martha will be able to get away and accept the invitation she received.

Saml. E. Hilles is writing on behalf of his wife who broke her wrist in a fall. A friend, Dr. H. M. Benedict, and his daughter had died in an automobile accident. Mrs. Hilles will be passing through Rome on her way to Fl. and whishes to visit Martha.

Martha Berry writes of her disappointment at missing a trip to Carlsbad, but was needed to care for her sister after an automobile accident.

Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that she cannot make any plans because her sister was critically injured in an automobile accident. She says that she hopes to be in New York later to visit.


Achelis expresses her concern about Bessie Berry Wright's automobile accident and reports that Mr. and Mrs. Myers have returned to Princeton. Achelis encloses a clipping and writes about her admiration for Herbert Hoover and her opinion that Prohibition should be changed. She has renewed three magazine subscriptions for the Berry library and inquires about the status of the basket for Mr. Rouland.

Berry thanks Achelis for the book about Herbert Hoover, saying that she is interested in his career and plans to vote for him.

Mr. Hyatt sent Mrs. Berry another check towards her good work and says how he is sorry that he and his wife missed her due to an accident with his finger and a subsequent infection. He continues on by hoping he will see her in good health when they travel to New York in a year. At the end of the letter, he informs Miss Berry that they had met Charles Lindbergh and seen his famous plane.

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