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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Dickey for her donation which is a greatly needed gift.

The Berry Schools thanks Miss Dexter for the gift she sent.

Martha Berry lets Miss DeWolf know that everything was recovered, except the pendulum.

Martha Berry sends Dr. Bauer some literature on The Berry Schools and appreciates the support Berry is being given by the DAR. She explains that there are many children already at Berry and many more on the waiting list. She hopes that Dr. Bauer's chapter will continue to show interest in the patriotic work of educating American boys and girls.


Martha Berry lets Mr. Cutting know she has returned and thanks him personally for his donation.

Martha Berry sends her thanks for this gift which was sent by Mrs. Currie.

Mrs. Grippo is thanked for her donation.

In this letter, Miss Lockund sends a small donation and thanks Miss Berry for her work. She apologizes for not being able to continue to donate to the school, as she has limited income. Furthermore, she asks that the school not send a thank you letter, but save the stamp for "some other needed writing."

Berry tells Hammond that she is grateful for Mrs. Anthony's $150 donation. Pilgrim Hall is progressing and the boys are working at the Foundation School in the hot sunshine "with shirts off and backs and arms brown with sunburn" happy to have their new dormitory.

A certificate of appreciation awarded to Miss Martha Berry from the Roosevelt Memorial Association regarding two Roosevelt pictures she presented them with. Signed by R.W.G. Vail.

Martha Berry sends her apologies to Mrs. J. M. Jerkens for her not recieving a thank you letter for the dolls Mrs. Jerkens sent last fall.

Martha writes to Mrs. Goodrich with her appreciation for the bequest from her husband's estate.

This letter from The Berry Schools is thanking Mr. Moot for his generous gift to the school. It also explains to him how the work is going this term for the school.

In this letter, Mr. Rogan describes his recent visit to the Berry campus on a return trip from Florida. He states that he is writing a series for his local newspaper related to his recent vacation, and requests the loan of cuts that were used in a booklet on Berry, to assist him in his article for the paper.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to Dr. Chas Procter thanking him for his kind letter about the Berry Schools.

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