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Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Thorp respond to an appeal letter from Martha Berry with a donation of $150.

Martha Berry thanks Louis M. Starr for his gift of $2,500. She says that she is sorry that the campaign was dropped, saying that she did all she could to help but that she could not enter actively because she already has to send out so many appeal letters and the "regular 'bread and butter' letters. She felt like she would be calling too often on the friends of Berry. She agrees with Mr. Starr that a campaign like that needs strong organization and cannot be done by amateurs.

Mrs. Randoph Sailer sends $150 in response to Miss Berry's appeal letter about scholarships for the students at The Berry Schools.

Mrs. Malcolm D. Sloane sends $150 in response to an appeal letter from The Berry Schools. The letter describes Eugene, a student working to become a minister, and asks for scholarship donations to help him succeed in school.

Mr. Sherrill sends $25 in response to an appeal letter from Martha Berry. Her letter explains that the boy's dormitory at The Foundation School has been lost by fire and a fire proof replacement must be built.

Rachel H. Powell send $5 in response to Martha Berry's appeal letter about the rebuilding of the burned dormitory.

Mrs. Mitchell responds to an appeal letter from Martha Berry which expresses her appreciation for the Mitchells' past gifts and appeals for a $150 scholarship. Mrs. Mitchell's secretary responds with a $5.00 donation and a request the the schools sign and return the receipt.

In this letter H.J. Emerson is donating ten dollars to The Berry Schools.

In this appeal letter Martha Berry asks for a gift of one hundred and fifty dollars to give a young person one year at Berry. She said she would come visit right away if she could but because she cannot she can only write and pray.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Lawrence that the letter she has just received was a general appeal for gifts and not a reminder to pay the amount pledged. She also writes about why The Berry Schools send out appeal letters. Miss Berry goes on to speak about her work during the summer, traveling and speaking "with as much enthusiasm as [she] had 25 years ago." She tells Mrs. Lawrence about her trips into the mountains along paths that grow "dimmer and dimmer." Miss Berry says that she finds children and figuratively ties a red string around them to hopefully bring them back to The Schools.

Mrs. George McFadden donates $150 by way of Mrs. Morris.

In this letter H. B. Dillenback sends $50 for rebuilding the dormitory after the fire.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mrs. Sellar Bullard for a donation of any amount to help fund the Berry Schools.

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