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Mrs. and Mrs. Jones, presidents of Pineland College, wish to visit Berry on their trip through Georgia. A Berry graduate, Mr. Cantrell, will be teaching at Pineland.

Mrs. Inman explains that various circumstances have made it impossible to work on "the Berry Exhibit" and meeting; plans now are to delay until after Christmas. She asks for information on Bernice Russell, who graduated from the junior college and for whom she is trying to find employment. She hopes that Martha Berry is well and that "things with Frances" were better than she anticipated.

Grable responds to Berry's request that she write in confidence about Monica Henderson. Grable does not know Henderson, but was given the enclosed address and information about her by Annie Laurie Crain.

Martha Berry asks Katharine Lee Grable to write to her in confidence about Monica Henderson and asks when Grable will be able to visit Berry.

Katharine Lee Grable says that by making a purchase from her Emily Vanderbilt Hammond has made it possible for her to send a $100 contribution. Having lost everything except her job, however, she will not be able to carry on as a "good 'Pilgrim'". A talk about Berry by Monica Henderson and Lucy Field at the Three Arts Club was enthusiastically received.

Dobbs submits an article about her husband, Roy K. Dobbs, a graduate of 1916, for the Alumni Quarterly.

Colquitt will be unable to attend the reception on May 4th, but hopes that other members of the Class of 1921 will be able to. He notes that he works in the manufacturing department of Western Electric and that nine members of his family received an education at the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Carothers information on the endowment fund, the student loan fund, and literature on the schools.

Prickett, class of 1913, requests assistance and admission for capable student, Bess Bridges, who is currently a student of his.

Martha Berry thanks the Alumni workers for gifts they sent her for the Anniversary (possibly the anniversary of the Berry Schools).

Berry thanks Henderson for sending her thesis, saying that she plans to use parts of it. She invites Henderson to visit whenever she is homesick.

Henderson apologizes for having asked that Martha Berry sign a note for her. She does not plan to return to live in Rome, but will see Bonner at the next commencement.

Henderson is informed that Martha Berry is unable to sign notes for anyone. The author suggests that it will be more economical for Henderson return to Rome and live with her father.

Gladys Copeland sends her thanks to Miss Berry and her co-workers for the reception at the Commencement for the alumni and speaks of how much she enjoyed her time there.

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