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Harry J. Carlson encloses correspondence with the Thompson Starrett Company about notification received from attorneys for Warren, Webster Company of a lien on the Berry Schools in connection with a subcontractor, the Seeley Company.

How to handle a bill for an ironing board from the American Laundry Company.

McElreath and Scott advises that as attorneys for Warren, Webster & Co. they have filed a lien against the property being improved for the Berry Schools by Thompson-Starrett and the Seeley Company.

Coolidge and Carlson conveys a request that Thompson Starrett include the Berry purchase of a delivery truck body as an extra charge for laundry equipment.

Coolidge and Carlson advises that they have sent Thompson Starrett's paid vouchers.

Coolidge and Carlson encloses a certificate of payment along with statements from Thompson Starrett.

Coolidge and Carlson advises that they are sending Thompson Starrett's paid vouchers.

Thompson Starrett's detailed statement and request for payment.

Harry J. Carlson confirms the date change for a New York meeting with Martha Berry and John E. Bierwirth.

Coolidge and Carlson requests the date for a meeting with Thompson Starrett Company vice president John E. Bierwirth.

Harry J. Carlson writes that he will try to make an appointment set by John E. Bierwirth but believes that Bierwirth and Martha Berry are more informed than he regarding Mr. Jones and Miss Berry.

Harry J. Carlson responds to Martha Berry's request for advice about getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees by counseling that she wait to discuss the matter with Bierwirth in person. Carlson comments further on fundraising and hopes that the "Detroit friends" will postpone their visit. He asks Berry to have Mr. Skinner respond more fully about the dairy.

Martha Berry asks architect Harry Carlson's advice on getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees and mentions a Rockefeller Foundation award to Shorter College. She lets Carlson know that "our Detroit friends" are expected to visit.

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