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Letter to E. E. Martin from Martha Berry asking if he will send the cuts from the last edition of the Southern Highlander because there might have been some copies left.

This letter begins with Mr. Holt requesting a copy of the Highlander. He then goes on to explain his intentions to travel to visit with Martha Berry and spend some time traveling around the south.

A letter from B. Bonner telling Mrs. Williams that Martha Berry wanted a reference of the 25th Anniversary to be put in the Highlander, as well as having pictures of the barracks that is being constructed be used to garner dormitory funds.

Mr. Mitchell placed copies of "The Southern Highlander" in railway cars in Kansas City by Miss Berry's request.

In this letter Anna Bague asks Martha Berry to send her a copy of the Southern Highlander issue that contained a foreword about The Berry School's 25th anniversary.

The Berry Schools asks for the cuts that were used in the last copy of the Southern Highlander to be sent back.

Note with Christmas gift of $5.00 and comments regarding the SOUTHERN HIGHLANDER from Rochelle, Il

M. Louise Bushnell tells Martha Berry how much she enjoyed reading a copy of the Southern Highlander, which Martha Berry sent to her. She also encloses $100 to help a boy she read about in the Southern Highlander.

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