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Martin, of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc., advises that cover page proofs for the spring issue of the Highlander have been sent and discusses content needed in order to complete production of the issue.

Letter to Laura Lacy from Martha Berry sending her information about the work that went on at the schools.

This seems to be an advertisement asking for donations of $150 dollars to the Berry Schools.

Mr. Harvey requests shuck door mats that were made at the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry is trying to get Dr. Butler to come and speak at the Berry Schools for a chapel service.

Letter to Ralph Allen from Martha Berry asking him to come visit the schools.

This document is a letter from the Members of the Board from The Berry Schools to the Social Register Association in New York in which The Berry Schools ask for quotes concerning the lowest prices for numerous Social Registers in different cities. The document proceeds to talk about how the schools have educated thousands of rural southerners and ends with a request for any amount of money. The next paper represents a picture of Georgia that shows where Mt. Berry is as well as naming the Executive and General committees.

This is a donation letter to the Berry Schools from Mrs. Charles Proctor for a $10.00 gift.

News of a residence hall burning for about 75 residents. Martha is asking for help to help rebuild a new dormitory for the fall semester.

Berry writes to Wingo in regards to inviting representatives from the Madison Sanitarium to visit them the next time they come near the area. Berry expresses that she would very much like them to visit.

Miss Talmage sends a $20.00 check to the Berry Schools to be used towards the new dormitory or for the general work of the schools.

A Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Taylor from The Berry Schools concerning the Taylor's home addresses and whether they are correct or not. At the bottom of the letter, there is a note concerning a change in one of their addresses.

In this letter W.E. Murray on behalf of the Penberthy Injector Company tells The Berry Schools that they are sorry for the fire and that they are sending five dollars to help with rebuilding.

Mr. Hoge thanks a donor for a generous gift during a fundraising campaign.

A family sends the Berry Schools a donation after the loss of a dormitory.

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