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James Stark Jr. writes to Martha Berry with a donation of 25 dollars and tells her that perhaps he will be able to send more at Thanksgiving time. He apologizes that he cannot give a full scholarship for a student.

This is a letter from Miss Anne M. Roby in which Miss Roby expressed interest in Martha Berry's work at the Berry Schools. She thus sent a check for $2 to Martha Berry in order to help the schools out around the time of Thanksgiving.

Mr. Schlesinger writes to say that he is giving all charitiable institutions in Atlanta and Fulton County cake for Thanksgiving dinner, which means that they will not have further funds to send to Berry.

Moore sends a Thanksgiving contribution. She is principal of a school and expresses her wish to come to Berry to help with the school, but she has been prevented in doing so by ill health.

Donation of $15.00 from Arabella A. James to the Berry Schools.

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