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Bartholomew acknowledges Berry's note about the Three Arts Club scholarship. She expresses appreciation for her recent visit as a Pilgrim, although she was surprised to find that Berry was not able to sing the school songs. She requests copies of several publications to send to friends and commits to accomplishing "something worthwhile" for Berry within the year.

Achelis makes arrangements for Berry's coming visit, including dinner at the Hotel Roosevelt. She asks Berry to send copies of the Sunday Lady and encloses an inspiring document.

Helen writes to Martha on behalf of Mr. Swansey as they are holding correspondence until he returns in the fall for health reasons.

John Storer writes to say that he enjoyed reading "The Sunday Lady" by Raymond Leslie Goldman and that he takes pleasure in being able to donate $5 as aid for all of the good work done at the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Snowdon read "The Sunday Lady" and became interested in Miss Berry's splendid work. She shared it with her friends but one of them forgot to return Mrs. Snowdon's copy, so she requests another. She wishes she could send a $1,000 check but there are too many calls on her income so she sent a $25 check. In a postscript, she asks if Miss Berry has enough money to keep Elizabeth in school for the next year.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks C.L. Snowdon for her letter and gift. Martha Berry also tells her that under a separate cover she is sending a copy of "The Sunday Lady".

Letter to The Berry Schools form June K. Robinson asking Miss Berry for two copies of The Sunday Lady, a pamphlet outlining Miss Berry's work concerning the Berry Schools, to distribute to two of her friends that might be interested in the work of the schools.

In this letter The Berry Schools tell Mr. Robinson that they will be sending him a copy of The Sunday Lady under a different cover.

John S. McCormick answers the Sunday Lady Appeal with $100.

Miss Berry is interested in raising $10,000 to then receive a gift of $5,000 for a gymnasium. Miss Berry is writing Mrs. Hills in hopes that she, herself, or others, can help make this happen.

Hills requests two copies of the Sunday Lady pamphlet that she saw at Chautauqua.

Mr. Martin writes to Miss Bonner to let her know that they are sending a sketch suggestion for the Sunday Lady Booklet.

Martha writes to Mr. Haggard asking him if he would keep the type set until the Sunday Lady is complete. As well as enlosing a leaflet about the dorm fire.

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