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Martha writes to Miss Morten that it's against school policy for individual students to get gifts or letters from friends outside the school. But they will be happy to have anything sent at Christmas to be gifts for the students.

Miss Minor sends Martha Berry a donation as well as her compliments.

Mrs. Meyer sends a check in hopes that it will help the boys and girls of Berry.

M. Emma Mehard writes to Martha Berry about the poor situation facing much of the country. She hopes that the nation will reconnect to God. She sends a $50 donation to help a worthy child.

Martha Berry is happy that Miss Matthies is interested in helping Berry, because any contribution is needed. She believes that by helping Berry, the DAR is doing patriotic work.


Anna W. Hollenback sends Martha Berry a donation of $100 and inquires as to how Martha Berry is doing. She also mentions the long drought and the potential effects it may have had on the School's crops.

Miss M.C. McLean sends $2 and encourages Martha Berry to continue the good work she is doing.

The secretary to Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor Jenkins writes to the Berry Schools simply asking them to take the Jenkins off their mailing list for the Southern Highlander.

Martha Berry explains to Mrs. Hammond that the Southern Highlander will be ready to send out by November 10th and sends information for advertising the meeting at St. Bartholomew.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond asks Berry to review an article Mrs. Hitchcock has written for Hammond's Berry Booklet. Hammond provides details about the recently organized Association of Berry Pilgrims, including publicity suggestions from Mr. John Leighton. Hammond hopes that Berry will be able to attend the annual meeting of the association, planned for November 15.

Martha Berry writes to get the dates for Inez Wooten's speaking trip to Connecticut and New York, with engagements set to talk at the Spence School and to the Pilgrims. Berry asks that Hammond make arrangements for any other engagements that she can. Berry mentions that an upcoming issue of the Southern Highlander will include a photograph of the 1929 Pilgrims.

Aubrey Geier writes to Miss Bonner that she is sending a donation.

Louise writes that she just read the Southern Highlander and sends a small check of $25 for "the good work".

Mr. Dominick sends Martha Berry a donation.

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