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Hammond's letter (and its contemporary transcription) addresses a number to topics, including Mr. Rockefeller's reasons for not contributing to Berry and a visit to the Girls' Service Club. Hammond informs Berry that Louise Brigham Chisholm was not aware the cottage she donated had been built and suggests that Berry write to encourage her to visit and perhaps teach students how to build her Box Furniture.

Martha writes to Mr. Guthman to thank him for his letter and donation that he wished to have in memory of his wife's sisters, for the Silver Anniversary Roll.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond writes an article about the history of "silver rolling" for Berry Schools to be published in the Highlander


Martha Berry thanks Mrs Tracy for her gift to the Silver Roll, and for the work of The New York Pilgrims. She fondly remembers Mrs Tracy 's visit to Berry with the pilgrims that year

Letter with $1.02 donation from Mrs. DuBois' son Goddard who raised money for Berry as part of a Silver Roll.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Barron for the $100 he gave to Mrs. Richards and asks when he is coming to visit Berry.

Shelley Jackson proposes a plan to raise money for Berry's Endowment Fund. She thinks it is fitting to ask private school students who have had "their education handed to them on a silver platter" the opportunity to give to less fortunate students. She says that Berry could contact private school principals, starting in New York, and ask them to start Silver Rolls and have money in time for Berry's Silver Anniversary. Mrs. Jackson asks Miss Berry to write back frankly and give her opinion of the plan.

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