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Letter to The Berry Schools from George H. Wilcox, President of International Silver Company, thanking the schools for sending the calendar commemorating the Silver Anniversary of the schools.

Mrs. ... ... sends a check for $5 to help Miss Berry's good work.

Mrs. Wescott writes to thank Miss Berry for sending her a calendar. She also encloses a check for $25 - a dollar for "each year of the Silver Anniversary." C

Mrs. Wessels sends a check for $5.25 to go towards the Silver Anniversary fund.

A donation check receipt of $100 for Mrs. J.H. Hammond's Silver Anniversary.

Martha Berry thanks Hugh Smythe for a gift that Smythe sent to Berry. This gift was received on the occasion of the Silver Anniversary for Berry. Berry encourages Smythe to come visit the Berry schools as part of her thank you letter to them.

Mrs. Shepherd thanks Miss Berry for the Silver Anniversary Calender and complements her work, promising to send a contribution as soon as she can.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Sloane for a gift he gave to the Berry Schools that helps the girls. She invites him to come visit, and talks about the majesty of the campus. Miss. Berry sneakily drops hints about wanting bells for her silver anniversary with the schoolss.

Mr. Slater congratulates Miss Berry on the calendar they published for the twenty-fifth anniversary.

Berry was glad to see Raidford at the anniversary celebration, as she is always glad to her from former students.

Martha writes to Miss Robertson to thank her for the gift that she sent to Berry Schools.

Mrs Godquay sends a $25 gift from Bartholomeis Church for Berry's 25th anniversary

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