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Martha Berry discusses her preference that her boys and girls not finish their training at Rollins College. She also tells about her Christmas season.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond about the trip to Boston, during which Miss Berry did not raise much money but still feels like it was a profitable trip because she was able to interest old friends in the work of the Schools again. She was able to sell some Sunshine goods and asks Mrs. Hammond to invite Miss Dexter and Mrs. William McKee on the next Pilgrim trip. Miss Berry also mentions meeting the president of Boston Tech. who promised to visit Berry when he comes south.

Hammond encloses a check for $1,500 and advises that Berry mention this and another contribution of $2,500 when she speaks to the Pilgrims at Hammond's home on Nov. 17. Hammond asks Berry what she would think of sharing radio time with Katherine Tift Jones if the National Broadcasting Company cannot broadcast her speech on the planned date. Hammond has engaged a publicist for the St. Bartholomew's Church speech and hopes Berry will give a personal interview.

Martha Berry praises Mrs. Hammond for her work with the Pilgrimages. She expresses some surprise that Mrs. Landenberg will be on the visit since she is "so purely society". She also sends her sympathies about the death of Mr. Macy and hopes Mrs. Ladd will donate a building in his memory. She says the boys really need a science and agriculture building, especially now that the girls have such a wonderful facility provided by Mr. Ford.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond that Inez will be unable to go to Chautauqua that summer because she is needed at Berry; Miss Berry will pick another girl to use the scholarship. Martha Berry writes about a recent visit by the Fords, Sir Wilfred, and Lady Grenfell. Sir Wilfred says that he feels like he's in school because he's learned so much. Berry also talks about how she is looking forward to the arrival of the Pilgrims.

Emily Hammond sends $1000 to help those students who lost their belongings in a fire at the school. She also forwards some checks for Pilgrim Hall from Mrs. Augusta Pope and Mr. Henry Roth. She also urges Berry and Inez Henry to come to New York and speak to the Pilgrims.

Martha Berry sends a telegram to Emily Hammond to inform her that Inez Henry will be in New York in mid-January to provide details about Pilgrim Hall and can speak to the Pilgrims.

Martha Berry writes to get the dates for Inez Wooten's speaking trip to Connecticut and New York, with engagements set to talk at the Spence School and to the Pilgrims. Berry asks that Hammond make arrangements for any other engagements that she can. Berry mentions that an upcoming issue of the Southern Highlander will include a photograph of the 1929 Pilgrims.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Earnshaw saying that she received the letters and package of materials but says that since they are in the throes of preparations for the Pilgrims it would be impossible to do anything about Miss Earnshaw's plans until after they leave.

Miss Berry acknowledges that it will take some time to get all the materials for her house and Emily Cottage but asks that Miss Earnshaw send her material for the sofa in the library and the armchair in the living room before April 7th so she can finish the furniture before Mrs. Hammond and the Pilgrims arrive.

Edmund Devol reassures Martha Berry that Kate Macy Ladd still has interest in Berry, but that she is currently deeply absorbed in settling her father's estate and setting up the Macy foundation. Devol describes a recent dinner with Berry graduates.

Martha Berry lets Mrs. Craig know how excited she is to have her and Mr. Craig come to the Hammond party.

Mrs. Craig writes that she and Mr. Craig were so disappointed not to visit Berry but she has been unwell and feels that it would be too much for her to visit. They hope to visit sometime in the year and send their regards to Inez.


Miss Berry writes that it was good to see Mr. Campbell and she wishes he could have stayed longer. She asks him advice on selling some of her Class A Coca-Cola stock and buying common stock.

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