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Mr. Hamrick submits a report on the cost and spending done to build Pilgrim Hall.

Mrs. Robinson receives an apology for a mix up.

Martha writes to Mrs. Forgan with a receipt for the gift towards Pilgrim Hall.

Martha Berry sends a receipt and thanks for a donation for Pilgrim Hall. She updates her on the progress of the building and hopes she will get the chance to come see the building.

In this letter, Martha Berry thanking Mr. Chambers for donating money towards building Pilgrim Hall

This letter details gifts for furnishing Pilgrim Hall.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs Cartierr for her gift towards Pilgrim Hall.

Mrs. Charles F. Cantine gives $5,000 in response to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond's Pilgrim Hall solicitation.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Butler to enclose a receipt for his donation to Pilgrim Hall and updates him on the progress of construction.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Donald Brown for her contribution toward the endowment for Pilgrim Hall.

Mrs. Brixey encloses $500 for the furnishing of Pilgrim Hall and $150 for a scholarship. She says that her visit to The Berry Schools will always be cherished in her memory.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Schmelz for her donation to Pilgrim Hall.

Mrs. Orlando Weber contributed $100 toward furnishing student rooms for the Pilgrim Hall campaign.

Mrs. Trowbridge thanks Miss Berry for the delicious candy and lovely flowers. She speaks highly of her visit to Berry and says that she was sure that all the Pilgrims "came away inspired and better women spiritually." She sends a donation of $1,000 for Pilgrim Hall.

Miss Berry expresses her gladness that Mrs. Trowbridge visited Berry. She explains that Pilgrim Hall is underway and the boys are very excited. She adds a note that Baby Ball and Frances are delighted with the blanket Mrs. Trowbridge brought.

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