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Pennybacker regrets that since she has sent a letter urging that the Pictorial Review Award be given to Carrie Chapman Catt on the basis of her work for peace, she cannot also support Berry. Pennybacker commits to supporting Berry next year.

Martha Berry sends Pennybacker a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award along with a list of her accomplishments. Berry thanks Pennybacker for her recent visit.

Berry regrets that Miss Armes was not able to visit during the last few days of school, but says that perhaps she might come later. She also writes that she is anxious to get the Pictorial Review Award this year, but that she'll need Neal's help.

Drexel Institute President Kenneth G. Matheson writes to Martha Berry of a conversation with Frank Spencer Lewis. Lewis asked Matheson's advice on founding new schools for Southern mountain youth vs. developing existing schools. Matheson recommended he contact Berry.

K. G. Matheson agrees to endorse Martha Berry for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award.

Martha Berry asks Drexel Institute President K.G. Matheson to endorse her for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award.

Berry thanks Ladd for her telegram of congratulations about the Pictorial Review Achievement Award and provides details of activities related to the award. She shares memories of a visit to the school by Noel Morris, who has recently died.

George L. Berry congratulates Martha Berry on being awarded the Pictorial Review Achievement Award and wishes for her to visit the Pressmen's home sometime. Mr. Berry also sends Miss Berry a copy of the Pressmen 1928 Book of Art Printing.

Ella D. Howe recalls the time she went with Martha Berry to see her first political meeting. She also congratulates Miss Berry on being awarded the 1927 Achievement Award of the Pictorial Review.

Letter discusses arrangements for an upcoming Pictorial Award for Miss Berry and the wedding of her niece, Marian Berry, to Prince Chigi.

Berry invites Eastman to the school and seeks his endorsement for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award, an award which earns the recipient $5000, which Berry would use for the school.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes to enclose clippings and congratulate Martha Berry on the Pictorial Review award. He is concerned that articles about the award give the impression that Berry is a wealthy school and suggests that she write a letter to newspapers that explains Berry's need for funds.

Harry J. Carlson writes that he has submitted his endorsement for the Pictorial Review Award.

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